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How Can We Help?

Need something? Feel free to call us at 913-649-3326 or email or use the Contact Us form. Answers about the day of the event can be found at Event Info, while questions about everything else can be found here.

Where, when, what is the walk?

If you have questions about the event itself, where it is, when it is, what to do about rain (come anyway!), etc., you'll find it on the Event Info page. As for what the Walk is about, learn more at Why Walk?

How do I get a t-shirt?

A donation of $50 or more by May 10 makes you eligible for a Walk the Vote 2018 t-shirt. We will be in touch by email on May 11 to ask if a) you want a shirt and b) what size. But feel free to make your own shirts for your team! We encourage creativity and costumes. Team Captains who want Walk the Vote shirts for their teams will have that opportunity on May 11, too (if you have raised $50 per shirt, of course).

How do I donate?

To donate, you simply use the Donate button above. Once there, you can choose to donate to a person, to a Team, or directly to MainStream itself.  You may also have received a web link or a URL from someone to donate directly on their fundraising or team page. Don't rememebr that link? No problem, on the Donate page you can search for a person or team name.

All donations will go to the MainStream Coalition, and 100% of those donations will be used for election activity in support of the issues we support. See Why Walk? if you have questions about how the money raised will be used.

Being a Fundraiser

Thank you for being interested in fundraising for the walk! We hope you will ask your friends, co-workers, maybe even family to support you in your efforts. When you register with the Register button above, you can choose to be a fundraiser and/or to attend the event itself. Whether you plan to attend or not, you'll end up with a personal fundraising page to which you can direct those people who'd like to support you.

You'll have a dashboard headquarters page where you'll find email templates you can send, and you can keep track of the donations as they come in. You can add your photos, comments, and updates to your personal fundraising page. You can even pick your own URL!

If you're finding that your friends and family want to come join you at the event, you should think about whether you could be a Team Captain and walk with them as a group. It can be a great way to enjoy the Walk.

Being a Team Captain

Being a Team Captain is the best way to support MainStream and the issues we support in the Walk. To become a team captain, you simply register as a fundraiser and create a new team. Once you've created a team and finished your registration, the site will guide you through setting up your team page and inviting people to join your team as donors and fundraisers.

If you've already registered as a donor or a fundraiser, or even on someone else's team, you can still start your own team. From your Dashboard, in the right hand column, click on the link to Join or Create a Team (even if it is marked off), and you'll be able to abandon your current team and join another, or create your own.

Team Captains have access to tools that will help you find and add members to your team, and send them special message to encourage them to fundraise on behalf of themselves and your team. There will be prizes at the event for the best teams (in several categories) so get out there!

Can I have a Co-Captain?

Yes! The captain of the team just has to go to their Dashboard, and select "My Fundraising Team" from the list on the left. Each member of your team should have a link that lets you make them a co-captain.

I am confused about all the pages I have. Personal, fundraiser, team? Help?

Depending on how you are involved with the Walk, you can have several fundraising pages, and it can get confusing. Please call us if you have any questions, or if the help note below doesn't actually help. Call Lesa at (913) 649-3326. These are the ways to participate in Walk the Vote, and the pages they get.

  1. Donor. If you've given money to a fundraiser, or directly to a team, but are not a fundraiser, you won't have a page of your own on the site at all. But please call us if you have any other questions!
  2. Attendee (a walker). If you're just joining a friend for the walk, that's fantastic! You can register with the site, and choose a team, and you don't have any personal pages to manage. Yay! Again, please call us if you have any questions.
  3. Fundraiser. In this case, you have generously agreed to get people to give you money towards the Walk. You're a fundraiser! You have a Personal Fundraising Page. You can send the URL to your friends or family to have them come and donate money to your efforts. On your Dashboard (where you end up when you log in) there is a link to your page. There, if you are logged in, you can edit your page, including the URL (see the buttons on the right side of the page) to make it something memorable like ""
  4. Team Captain. Here's where it gets most complicated. As a Team Captain, you have two pages. One is a Personal Fundraising Page, and the other is a Team Fundraising Page. They look very similar.

How do I tell my Personal and Team pages apart?

  • Both can be reached from your Dashboard (where you end up when you log in). Links on the top left say "My Page" and "My Team Page," and will get you to each.
  • Your Personal Page will have some text at the top (it Defaults to "Welcome to My Page" and a subtitle that is your name. The editing links at the top of the right side will says "Edit My..." and have icon options like Welcome Message, URL, etc.
  • Your Team Page will look very similar, but will says something like "Welcome to My Page" and the subtitle will be your team name. The editing links at the top right side will say "Edit Team Info" followed by icon choices like Welcome Message, Photo, URL, etc.

Additional questions?

Check our FAQs for additional and technical questions. Or get in touch with us directly: call us at 913-649-3326 or email or use the Contact Us form.