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Why Walk the Vote?

We're raising money to bring more change to Topeka in 2018. Kansas passed tax reform this year, but was blocked by the Governor and the remaining extremist legislators. Kansas passed health care expansion this year, but was blocked by the Governor, and the remaining extremist legislators. Kansas has the votes to pass gun reform, and to protect women's rights. Kansas has the will to fully fund public education. What we don't have, is enough people in Topeka to see this through, from the Governor to some of the seats in the Legislature.

We are out to fix that. Help us raise the money to do it.

Who are we?

The MainStream Coalition is a political advocacy organization that has been around for 24 years. In 2016, we worked the elections and helped shift the balance of power back towards sanity. We hired interns to go door to door getting out the vote and protecting our courts. We held forums, we testified, we marched, we organized. That year, we spent $70,000 supporting Democrats, and another $70,000 supporting moderate Republicans.

We fight for policies, not parties.

Here's what we stand for: good governance, quality public education, healthy communities and sustainable fiscal policy. We fight for transparent government, local control, strong, fully funded schools, teachers' rights, access to health care for everyone, reasonable taxes, fair wages, and the right to lead your life with dignity. To us, it does not matter who you are, or what party you're with, if you agree with those values.

Do more than vote.

That's our slogan, and our mission. We work to educate and engage people so they do more than just vote. Do you know who represents you in Topeka? Find out with our tool: ksleglookup.org. Do you know how they vote? Do you wish you understood the issues better? Do you want to run for office? Do you want to make calls, or walk door to door. Do you want to meet your legislators? Do you want to be heard? Be informed? Get involved? Well, that's what we do.

Learn more about the MainStream Coalition at our website: mainstreamcoalition.org