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Walk For Change

Walk for Change

Hi there! Wanna join my team? For now, I'm going with last year's team name: Walk for Change; but I think we can some up with something more clever. I could use your ideas on a team name, props we could carry as we walk, and clever chants.

There are three ways to participate:
1. Join my team and walk with us, no money involved.
2. Join the team and donate (donate personally and/or ask friends & family to support you by donating); if you donate $50 you get this year's Walk the Vote t-shirt.
3. Can't attend but want to help out---make a donation.

All money goes directly to 2018 election activities---postcards, door to door Get Out The Vote canvasers, phone callers, etc. We added many new moderate legislators in 2016 but we can add more this year. The work to restore good government continues. Be sure to vote, but do more than vote----WALK THE VOTE!

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              1. Deborah Reiman
              We hope that all went well for the walk! Jill - it was great being with you, Brandi and the newsletter writer last night!
              2. Leslie Sullivan
              3. Lisa Healey
              4. Carol & Dave Leligdon
              Thanks for walking and supporting positive changes in Kansas!
              5. Janee' Hanzlick
              6. Jim Quigley